How to translate theme options values with WPML

In the following article, I will show you how to translate Theme Options into your language using WPML plugin, which is one of the most popular translation plugins.

All strings from the theme that can be translated easily. However, in order to translate Theme Options into multiple languages is the different thing. I will use Lezada theme as an example.

Making translatable theme options

– Go to WPML -> String Translation page, scroll down to bottom and click on Translate texts in admin screens option

– In this page, you need to find out right options. Tip: You can search for theme / plugin name to look for the options

– Now, you can find the option you want to translate. For instance, I’m going to translate the text on top bar. Making them translatable by checking the box

– Next, don’t forget to scroll down to bottom and click Apply

Translating theme options

Once the theme options strings are marked as translatable, they will appear in WPML -> String Translation. Now, you can see those strings and translate like other strings.

The following image shows the result in both languages

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